Monday, June 8, 2015

10 Makeup Tips to Save You Time and Money!

1. Discount stores: 

Like TJ Max/Nordstrom Rack often have high end makeup items on clearance. It's always a good idea to pop over to one of them before heading to Sephora. You never know what incredible deals you can find. 

2. Half It:

Do you always find your self running out at the last minute to buy cotton round or sponges? I know I do. For whatever reason I never can remember I am running low until its too late. You can save some cash and time running out for them, by cutting them in half. This way you double the amount you have on hand. 

3. DIY Lip Plumper:

Adding a few drops of peppermint oil to any lip gloss will give you your desired look, without the high price tag.

4. Sample First:

Perfume can be expensive. Always ask for a tester sample at Sephora or ulta before deciding to open your wallet. This way you can try it for a few days to be sure it will be a good fit. 

5. Shop Online:

Often you can find items on mark down for less then what you can find in the store. So on your next makeup trip, take a photo of everything you want and look it up online. If you are stocking up you can really save some cash. 

6. Keep old mascara wands:

Many mascara formulas are the same, the difference is in the brush. More often then not the high price of the product is based on the brush style. So the next time you run out of your favorite high-end mascara, try using the brush from it in a cheaper mascara. You will get the same effects. 

7. Avoid Eye level:

This tip is an oldie. Sephora, Ulta, and many other retailers put higher priced items at eye level. Often if you look lower you will find an equally good product for less. 

8.Keep Them: 

Keep your old makeup containers and recycle them for another use. I do this with all of my pump bottles as many foundations in the U.S. do not have a pump. 

9. Instaint Eye Lift:

Simply apply a white highlighter or eyeshadow to under your eyebrow. It will give you the look of a lift with ease. 

10.  Downward Strokes: 

If you have lots of peach fuzz or dry skin, always apply your foundation with downward strokes. This will keep flaky skin and peach fuzz laying down and it will not be noticeable. 


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