Wednesday, June 17, 2015

10 Wonderful Beauty Uses for Q-Tips

1.  Root Touch Up:

- If you don't have time to re-dye your hair, don't worry. You can probably solve your problem with some eyeshadow and a Q-tip. Simply swab an eyeshadow that matches our hair color with a Q-tip and apply to the area to cover any re-growth.

2. DIY Teeth whitener:

- You can make a very simple and cheap teeth whitener by mixing toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda into a paste. Apply it to your teeth with a Q-tip. Wait for 1 minute and then brush your teeth.

3.  Perfume on the go:

-  If you are carrying a small purse and don't have room for a full sized bottle of perfume, that's okay we have you covered. Simply spray the tips of some q-tips with your desired fragrance and place them in a ziplock bag in your purse. Whenever you need to refresh, pull one out, apply, and toss.

4. Eye shadow on the go:

- If you are going to an event or traveling and want to have a quick easy way to reapply your makeup, then here is the tip for you. Roll some Q-tips in your eyeshadow and place in a zip lock bag, and into your purse. Now you are ready for any eyeshadow melt downs.

5. Pimple remover:

- To get rid of a blemish safely and without scaring, first wash your face with warm water. Then apply gentle pressure with a Q-tip on either side and all the contents of the pimple will come out easily. Stop squeezing if you see blood.

6. Lips:

-Use a q-tip to outline your lips with translucent powder. This helps define your lip line.

7. Eyelashes:

-  Dont have a lash curler? When wet gently apply pressure to eyelashes with a Q-tip to curl them into place.

8.  Mascara:

- Use a Q-tip to clean up any mascara messes with ease.

9. Liner:

-Use a Q-tip to clean up your eyeliner for the perfect wing.

10. Lashes:

-Use a Q-tip to apply lash glue to your false lashes with ease.


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