Monday, May 25, 2015

$1 Primer That Will Keep You Matte All Day!

Today I have a great tip for you. Some of you may have heard of this trick before, for those of you who have not, I promise I am not crazy. Milk of magnesia is a common laxative people take for bowl discomfort. It is suspended in water and has great skin benefits.  It combats oily skin and will leave your face looking matte and shine free all day long. Seriously! With summer just on our heels in the states, I wanted to get this out there for all of you. 

Start off by heading to your local pharmacy or store to pick up a bottle of MOM, It is under $5 at most stores for a huge bottle. I suggest going to the dollar tree though, as I got mine for $1 there and it is a 12 oz bottle. A little goes along way and this bottle should last me 6+ months. Make sure you by the regular brand, not flavored. Flavored may irritate your face. If you still think I am a little Coo coo, you can check some reviews on Makeup Alley, you will have to sign up for an account first. There are hundreds of reviews with people swearing by this. 

Image: MakeupAlley

I have been doing this for weeks now. I have noticed that it keeps my makeup on all day, with no melting. I have also noticed a decrease in the amount of breakouts I usually see. If you are looking for MATTE, then here is your answer. I promise you will be matte all day. I recently wore my makeup for 12 hours and had to do no touch-ups. 

When I apply this I shake the bottle and put a very small amount in the cup that comes with it and apply it onto my face with a foundation brush (After applying moisturizer). You can apply this to just your T zone or any areas where you get oily. Then I rub it in until you cannot see it any more.  Allow it to dry. I usually do my eyebrows at this point and its dry when I am done. 

If you put on too much, you will have a white chalky residue on your face. Don't worry just rub it off. It will come off easily. It will feel firm at this stage, but after you apply your foundation it will feel normal. You can apply a primer after if you want and are only doing your T zone areas. But you don't have too.  If you have very oily skin you can do 2 coats also.

When you apply your foundation start by stippling it on. This way you wont rub off the MOM. Once your face is covered with foundation, you can buff it if you want.With this tip, you will no longer have to re-powder your oily spots all day long. This will keep you Matte and shine free. :)

Check out this hilarious video by Macshadowcombos, she does a full review on this technique at 6 and 10 hours and also shows how she applies it: 

Now I know some of you may be wondering if this is safe for you to use. Don't  MOM is less damaging then benzoyl peroxide , hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid and vitamin A retinoids which are common methods of the treatment of excess oil. All bodies are different and if someone is experiencing adverse effects is maybe due to a sensitivity to the magnesium. So as always, spot test before use, just to be sure you are not sensitive to magnesium! 

*Extra Tip:

You can also use MOM as a face mask for acne. Simply apply a thick layer to your face and allow to dry. Wash off in 15 minutes with cool water. 

Magnesium is a natural ingredient that comes from the earth. MOM is just a liquid suspension of it. It is very similar to clay and has ingredients that will help fight bacteria and remove oil better then clay can.  

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