Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5 Great Concealer Dupes!

Hello Everyone! Today I have some awesome concealer dupes for you. I feel that concealer is one of the most important makeup items. It is something that I feel warrants some extra cash if you can afford it. However, we all have tight spots when we just can't afford to shell our $20 + dollars for one. So here are a few options for you. 

1. MAC = L.A. Girl: MAC's select cover up is known for being an invisible barrier to any unwanted blemish or dark spot. L.A. Girls pro concealer does the same for a smaller price.  You can check them out here: MAC /  L.A. Girl

2. MAC = Maybelline: MAC's Pro long wear concealer is a medium to full coverage concealer that provides a matte finish. Maybelline's Age rewind dark spot corrector does the same and for a fraction of the cost. It also has an antibacterial sponge applicator made on the top. You never have to clean it and it makes applying a breeze. You can check them out here: MAC  /  Maybelline 

3. Benefit = E.l.f: Benefit's Lemon Aid is boasted to wake up your eye lids by concealing redness and discoloration. E.l.f's does the same thing. In fact it sells out often, so if its gone be sure to check the site later. You can check them out here: Benefit  / E.l.f

4. Kat Von D = Hard Candy: You guys know I love my lock it foundation! But it does cost a pretty penny. I am told by reliable sorces that Hardcandy's Glamoflauge works in the same way. They can both cover tattoos, if that's your thing.  I prefer to kissing under eye bags away. You can check them out here: Kat Von D  / Hard Candy

5. Benefit = NYX: Last but not least we have Benefit's Boi-ing. I am dying to get my hands on it, but when in Sephora last week, they only had a sample. But its a dream it covers up everything, they even advertise that it is industrial strength! The only dupe out there is NYX's Above and Beyond full coverage concealer. You can check them out here: Benefit  / NYX 

Well that all I have for you at the moment. These are my top 5 dream team concealers and having dupes for them will be amazing. I hope you all enjoy. :)


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