Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Maybelline Master Prime Vs. E.l.f Poreless Face Primer

Hey beauties! Today I have a Primer Showdown for you. When I was at Ulta last month I bought Maybelline's Master Prime Blur and Smooth. It was $9.99. I like it pretty well, but when I was out at old navy 2 weeks ago I picked up Elfs Poreless Face Primer, mostly because I was there, It was there, and I have been wanting to try it. It was $8. I will tell you now that walmart and elf both have it on their web site for $6, which means that Old Navy is all about the pocketing. I'm really not surprised about that. Just Saying! Now I hope you guys realize just how much I love you all, because I am going into the nitty gritty with these two and I will hold nothing back. 

I got the blur and smooth. I also got the wrong image when I made this. Sorry. 

Okay lets start the play by play!

Round 1:

You get 1 oz with the Master prime, however with Elf you only get 0.48oz. Elfs is less then 1 oz. Though the packaging is big enough to hold an ounce, probably more to be honest. So if you do the math you will see with Maybelline you are paying $5 for half an ounce and with elf you are paying $6 for even less then that. Since Elf is suppose to be a low end beauty manufacture, I am less then impressed.  Round 1 goes to Maybelline!

 Round 2:

I was super excited about elfs primer having a pump! To me that is a bit of a plus. However, I am not happy with being miss led. When you buy this, it is in a sealed plastic box. There is no testing first. I know why now. As you can see from the picture below, I have discovered a secret that I am betting elf does not want us to know. Over a 3rd of the bottle is empty. I was looking at the bottle trying to figure out why it felt so light. That's when I noticed a small hole in the bottom of the blurry plastic case. Its made to look like you get a full bottle, that's why the plastic is blurry, it makes the white plastic look like product. So I untwisted it and pulled the pumping mechanism out of the blurry plastic casing, flipped it over and discovered the truth. 

The arrow above is pointing to the very bottom of the plastic plug. It extends up the the darker ring above the arrow. Below, I actually marked it on the plastic tubing, this way you can have a clearer visual. Needless to say Round 2 also goes to Maybelline! I need a company that is not only affordable but that I can trust. 

Round 3:

This is the final round and its all about results. I have wore  Master Prime for around 3 weeks every day. It fills in the few lines I do have and does wonders on blurring my pores. I do have some bigger ones on my cheeks close to my nose and on my nose. Once I apply this you are not going to see any of them. I don't have to work on it and it stays all day. I have been to many of my daughters softball games and practices in this and even in the heat Maybelline holds up.

I wore Elfs today, I was at my daughters game from 5:30-7:00. I had not been out there for more then 30 minutes and I could literally feel my makeup sliding down my face. I looked in my purse and found a Kmart flier, I folded it up grade school style to make a fan. I had to fan my face the entire game, even with that by the time I left the game my makeup was a mess. It looked horrid! When I applied it, I still had pores showing on my nose and I could not get them covered, but it was to late to start over so I just went with it and hoped no one would notice. 

So you guessed it Round 3 also goes to Maybelline! I never thought I would say that. I usually love elf products and the savings that come along with them. I told you I would tell it to you straight and I did. I will never purchase this elf product again. I am going to wait until winter and try it again then. I am hoping that it will stay better in the colder weather. If that fails, then at least I can push down the plug and reuse the pump bottle. So my $8 will not be a total waste. 

You can find these products here: Maybelline  /  Elf

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