Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pins That Lie,Lie,Lie #1

Have you noticed all of the people out there trying out pinterest hacks? Most of then FAIL majorly. They have you sit through a whole video or tutorial to find out if it works. Well I have decided that I am going to start a blog series on here called "Pins That Lie, Lie Lie" I will be posting all the pins I have tried that are lies. I hope that you guys will enjoy this series and that I will make easier for you to avoid attempting these pins. 

The first in this series is a pin I have seen that's been going wild. So many people are posting this as a miracle and swearing by it, when its obvious, with one try this does not work. I feel like to many people are seeking to make money and fame online today, and in that they sacrifice the truth to gain more pins. Its a shame that others would create lies for this reason. So as always I am gonna give it to you straight.
I don't have a clue who thought it would be a good idea to add brown sugar to water and spray it in ones hair. As the picture above states its suppose to "Straighten Hair Without Heat". I have extremely curly hair and it takes me an hour and a half to section and straighten my hair. So while skeptical I thought I would give it a try. 

I followed the directions to a T and sprayed it on my hair. It does not make your hair straight. It makes it moldable (If that makes sense, YAY Play Dough Hair). You can brush it straight, but the moment you move and your hair moves it shifts and is molded to a different shape. So it will make our hair straight if you never move after lol. 

It made my hair feel brittle and dry, and it tangled horribly. Once it dries its a sticky tangled mess. I had to bathe right after to get them out and used extra conditioner to counteract the dryness. I do not recommend that any one ever tries out this pin. 

If you have any pins you would like me to verify for you, leave me a comment on here or a message on Facebook and I'll get on it. As always, I'm going to ask you to please go to the top of my page above my picture and click the "add to my circle" button. This way you wont miss a post and it will help me grow. Thank you for your continued support. :)

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