Thursday, May 14, 2015

20 Basic Beauty Tips You May Not Know

1. The best way to remove excess oil from your skin in hot summer months is by using blotting papers. They remove oil from the skins surface leading to fewer breakouts.

2. When selecting a new foundation, swatch it on your neck under your jawline. Pick the shade that matches your skin tone the best, and you will be good to go. Never test your foundation on your hand, it receives a different amount of sunlight then your face. It will not give you the look you want.

3. You can use a light exfoliate daily. Be sure to pick on that is easy on the skin and use it lightly. Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells from the face, leaving you smooth and glowing.

4. Using a flesh colored liner in your waterline will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

5. Apply concealer to under eye circles after applying your foundation for better coverage. 

6. Apply products to the delicate skin under your eye with your ring finger. It is the weakest and will apply less pressure. 

7. Use a darker shade of concealer to cover up under eye bags. Darker colors recede, meaning they make the bags look smaller. 

8. Use colors that are similar like light brown and dark brown on your eyes to create dimension.

10. Rub an ice cube over puffy eyes in the morning to reduce swelling. 

11. Red heads should use natural eye tones that wont compete with their hair color. 

12. Always keep summer makeup minimal. Sheer makeup will stay on better. Try a BB cream instead of full coverage foundation. 

13. Use excess eye cream on your cuticles. The more hydrated they are the stronger your nails will be. 

14. To keep hair color from fading in the summer, apply conditioning treatments every other week. 

15.  If you have on shimmery eye shadow, use a matte lipstick to even it out. 

16. Wear white eyeliner to make eye redness fade.

17. You can use red lipstick as a stain. Simply apply it then blot it off. 

18.  Clean makeup brushes 1 a week to fight bacteria that may lead to pimples. 

19. Not using eye liner on the inner 3rd portion of your eye will make your eyes appear bigger.

20. Always apply a moisturizer before your foundation, if you have dry flaky skin. If not foundation will slide under the flakes making them more noticeable. You should also exfoliate 2x a week. 

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