Sunday, May 10, 2015

6 Makeup Tips for Begginers

Don't worry we have all been there. Every person you see online with fabulous looking makeup, have all started at the same place. For each of us our concerns vary. What colors look best on me? I love this lip color but can I pull it off? How do I get my brows to look like that? 

Well the simple answer to all of these questions is honestly its just trial and error. Its a good idea to search around and learn a little more about your skin tone and eye color. If you need help with your skin tone you can check out my blog post HERE on how to find the perfect lip shade, as it will direct you to your proper skin tone. If you have Brown eyes like I do, you can also check out my post on eyeshadows for brown eyes HERE. Today I am going to go over the basics, so you will feel more comfortable trying things out. 

1.Reign it in: 

 The most important makeup tip I can give is to not go crazy. I know when first starting out you may be tempted to go for some insane colors or even put on a bit too much foundation. The key to great makeup, is to keep it as simple as possible. Don't cover what you don't need too and don't apply more then is necessary to get the job done. I usually focus on one area for my dramatics. If I want to have bright red lips, then I keep my eye area more natural toned. If I want dramatic eyes, I pull out a nude lip stick. Its not going to look good if you have dramatic eyes and lips at the same time. It will make your makeup appear to busy and not show your attributes, as they will be lost in the mix. 

2. Don't Rush:

I can put on a full complete look with contouring and lashes in around 40 minutes. Yep, that doesn't sound fast at all! But trust me as you delve deeper into the magic of makeup you will see what I mean. That's pretty quick, but for an every day look, I spend about 20 minutes. Makeup takes time, that's all there is to it. 

Moisturizer, Primer, and Foundation all take time to sink into the skin. This means that you have to let them dry before moving onto the next step, it can take up to 15 minutes for all 3. So just make sure you have enough time before you need to get to where your going. Mistakes happen all the time and the surest way to avoid or fix them is to have a few extra minutes. 

3. Build up to it:

Don't expect to pull off a flawless look the first time. Try different makeup products one day at a time. This way you can see the difference in your everyday look and decide if its the look you want or not. This allows you to judge it on a product to product bases. 

4. Be Prepared:

Be ready and willing to accept that accidents will happen. It will never fail you, as soon as your about done, you will get distracted and blob your mascara all over your lid. Make sure you have your q-tips close by and be prepared to do damage duty. 

5. Have Faith in Yourself:

If you can't trust me, trust Ryan!

You need to have faith in your ability. With time and patience you will be able to pull off the hardest makeup looks. Never think that you can't do it. I promise you can. As I said before none of us were born knowing how to do our make up and all of us had to learn. How long it takes is just a guessing game, some of us started playing with make up early and others not until after high school. Over time you will learn how well an eyeshadow blends and how much to add to get the desired look. 

6. Youtube:

You tube videos will be your ultimate road companion during this trip. You can find videos on everything. From how to use foundation to applying mascara. You can pretty much figure out how much of a product to use to get your desired look and most youtubers will tell you how they feel that product does. If you have a question about anything concerning makeup, you can bet there is already a video about it. Youtube is the best tool you can have when learning a new makeup routine weather you are new to makeup or not. 

I hope these tips will help any of you who are new to makeup. If there is anything you would like to see a post about, please leave me a comment below and I will get to it asap. Also if you enjoy my blog please follow me by clicking the follow button above my picture. This way you will see all my posts and also help my blog to grow. Thank you!  

Now before I go I'll leave you with some awesome starter videos by my favorites on youtube:

1. Stephanie Lange - Flawless Foundation Routine:

2. Wayne Gross- Natural Everyday/Work Makeup Look:

3. Wayne Gross- How to Winged Eyeliner Made Super Easy!


4. Wayne Gross- Step by Step Eyeshadow Tutorial:


5. Carli Bybel- Makeup Mistakes to Avoid! 


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