Sunday, April 26, 2015

How to Find the Perfect Lip Color!

We have all been there. Strolling through the makeup section looking at all the fabulous shades of lip stick, but not knowing if it will look great on you. Well today I am going to tell you a few steps to help you find your perfect shades easily. 

1. First you need to discover your skins undertone. It is either yellow or pink.  

The easiest way to do this is to look at the veins in your wrist. If they are blue then you have a cool (pink) skin tone, if they are green then you have a warm (yellow) skin tone. 

2. Now that you have identified your tone you will be able to find lipstick shades that will work the best for you. 

3. When in doubt, always pick a shade that complements your skin tone. 

  • Olive Skin Tone: You can't really go wrong. Pick your color based on what you are wearing. Nude, Reds, Pink, and Orange will all look good on you.  

  • Fair Skin Tone: Avoid light and yellow shades as they appear washed out. You can pull off Reds and many deep colors.

  • Dark Skin Tone: You will look wonderful in Plums, Reds, and Berry shades. Avoid lighter shades as darker shades look more natural. 

Now you are prepared for the next time you go to pick out a new lip shade. 

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