Friday, April 10, 2015

DIY: Plump Lips

Who wants bigger lips? Whoop... I do. Well to be honest not everyday, but occasionally and often on date nights. I just like to put a little extra plump in my pucker for my Hubby. However if you have thinner lips you can use any of these tips daily to help make your lips a bit plumper. 

1. This is my go to, in a hurry tip. When you line your lips, over line them slightly. Then apply lip stick and touch up with concealer where needed. I cannot stress enough how important the liner is, do not attempt if you don't have any lip liner.

2. Always exfoliate your lips. Many women don't even think about it until they are super dry. When you exfoliate your lips, the little microscrubbers increase the blood flow to your lips making them fuller.

3. Shade under your lip with a contouring powder. This gives the false appearance of fuller lips. Be sure not to over do it and to blend it out well .

4. Highlights your Cupids Bow with a white highlighter. This exaggerates the size of your upper lip and makes it more prominent.

5. Add a lighter shade to the middle of your lips. I usually use an eye shadow a few shades lighter then my lip stick. This gives the illusion of fuller lips.

6. Rub a bit of peppermint or cinnamon oil onto your lips. These both will temporarily increase lip size. You can even buy a cheap gloss and add a few drops to it. Then you can have easy plumping action on the go.

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