Friday, April 10, 2015

I Lost My Mind Tonight... Why I am Up at 4 am.

Okay guys, I know I have never really wrote a post like this on here before, but tonight I pulled a whopper. I figure since I am up and in pain anyway, I should at least let you all know what stunt I pulled. 

It all started when I decided to buy one of these torture devices!

If you have never seen one, Its called and Epistick. I bought this device to remove peach fuzz from unwanted areas on my face. I like my foundation to lay smoothly against my skin. Its something I only have to do every 3 months or so. You use it by holding it in an "n" shape like the lady pictured above, then rotating the handles inward toward your face as you roll the spring up your skin, in the opposite direction of the hair growth. 

Anyway, for this purpose the Epistick works fine. Yes it can be a little painful, because it is basically a dumbed down version of threading. So it pulls the hair from right at the skins surface. But its not terrible. 

Now I know you guys don't know me all that well, but I have never been a sissy type of girl. I love playing hard and can tolerate quite a bit of pain before I feel really bothered. 

I recently watched a video of a girl on youtube using this and she said you could use it to remove side burns also. I had really never thought about side burn removal but I was all for it. I have naturally curly hair and any time I try to wear a pony tail, I end up with curly, short, whisps of hair puffing up and around my ears. YUCK! They drive me insane, and no amount of hair spray or straightening will keep them at bay. 

Tonight after every one went to bed, I thought, I am gonna give this ago. I can do this, I'm a strong, independent women (Ya right!). I headed upstairs to my makeup stand and got everything laid out: Tweezers for strays, scissors for trimming, a comb for separating, and a hair elastic to pull all the rest of my hair out of my way. 

I measured each side, determined where I want to remove them, and grabbed the scissors and trimmed the hair down. I figured it would hurt less if the hair was shorter. So I grabbed the Epistick and started on the right side. I rolled and twisted, pulling the hair from my face. 

I'm thinking to myself "This isn't so bad, I can take it". I keep going and only a few hairs are coming off every time. Then the closer I get to the top I realize that I can't finish it all with the Epistick because it is trying to also pull the hair I want to keep, and its just breaking most of the hair off not pulling it. 

That's the moment I started to panic! I am too OCD to leave it like that, and you can bet I would never leave the house looking that way. I thought about it some more and decided I was not going to shave my side burns to match. I did not want to end up shaving my side burns for the rest of my life (Yucky stubble). It was then that I knew what I had to do. I had to pull ever hair I had trimmed, one at a time with my tweezers. 

At this point I was not in pain, just irritated. So I began to tweeze each hair, one by one, at first it was not so bad. I made sure to pull them quickly. After about 40 minutes of plucking, I had finally finished my right side. By then My eyes were hurting from straining to see and I was feeling dizzy. 

I knew I had to finish the other side. By the time I started it, my right side was throbbing. It started to turn red and swell up. I did the same for the other side and another 40 minutes later I was finished. FINALLY! My back was on fire from leaning into the mirror for almost two hours, I had two swollen, sore, naked side burn paths on my face, and a huge headache. 

So now as I sit here typing this up to you all, I am alternating a dragon shaped freezer boo boo pack on my newly, freshly naked, anti-side-burn patches. The very one below. So you can visualize my child like state at the moment.

I hope your night was full of smarter decisions then mine. I will never trust that Youtuber again. Now that I have found some emotional and physical relief, I am going to head to bed. First thing after dropping my daughter to school, I am going to look into buying an epilator. Hopefully I'll have nicer results with that. 

If you know of a good brand, please let me know. Oh, I am happy to report, that even with the redness, I do like how my hair looks without the sideburns. With that I leave you to remember this any time your day throws you a curve ball. May it bring you laughter. With that Good night or Good Morning. :)

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