Friday, March 13, 2015

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

Have you ever wondered what shadow shades would look terrific on your brown eyes? As a brown eyed girl myself, I have often wondered this. I was so sure the only colors I could wear where brown tones. For a long time when I was younger this was all I wore.

The truth is that brown eyes are composed of all primary colors. So why many people think their brown eyes are boring, in reality we have more eye shadow options then any other eye color. Yay! 

So I have decided to compose a list of all the shades that look the best on us. 

1. Warm Metallic Tones- These shades highlight the gold tones that are naturally in our eyes and make them appear warmer. Ex: Gold, Bronze, Browns, and Pink. 

2. Copper Tones- When added on the outer half of the eye lids, they highlight the brown in our eyes. This really stands out when a neutral color is used on the remainder of the eye lid. Copper is a great color choice for an evening outing. 

3. Goldish Green Tones- Olive colored shadows pick up the gold tones also, thus making the eyes warmer. These look fantastic paired with brown. 

4. Blue Tones-  Bring out all the different shades of brown in our eyes. They make them look more dynamic and this makes them pop. Cobalt is a great shade. Many other eye colors cannot pull this color off, but our brown eyes can. If you don't feel comfortable using blue shadow, try a blue liner instead. 

5. Peach Tones- These are a great every day shade. Its not over powering and highlights brown eyes in a very attractive way. I wear mine with dark brown on the outer corners and blend it out well with my blending brush. Its definitely my go to look. 

6. Plumb Tones- Really make brown eyes stand at attention. For me my eyes appear softer and warmer when I wear plumb tones. 

7. Navy Tones- Its not as popping as Cobalt but it it the perfect shade for day time looks and it very office appropriate. 

Don't be afraid to mix and match these shades to find out what works the best for you. Take your time and find out what you are comfortable with.  

Now that you know what looks great on baby browns, here are a few that will just not work. Avoid yellow and red. These will not do your eyes justice and will make your eyes look drab.

I hope this helps more brown eyed girls become more comfortable with their color choices and matches. 

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