Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DIY Make up organizers

Hey everyone. I have got another diy for you. Unfortunately I don't have step by step instructions as I made these a few weeks ago (before I thought of creating this blog. Just my luck).

I guess I'll go by a piece by piece description. Maybe that will be helpful. I have 3 other organizers I made and will be posting about each one soon.

Items needed:

Contact paper of your choice
Paint of your choice
Computer paper
Glue stick
Modge podge
One bead
Ribbon of choice
Paint brushes

Makeup Mirror Stack

This was by far the most time consuming of the 4 organizers I made. I started by test stacking the boxes to make sure they where the proper height. I also liked the look of a smaller box on top so that I would have a little shelf like area to put some things on. 

Okay once you have the boxes to your liking you can decide how you want to decorate it. I chose to use contact paper down the center and around the box. So to cover the small sides, the top, and the bottom of my biggest box. 

If you want the drawer like I have here on the bottom box, you need to first find a box that will fit correctly. I used a Lipton tea box and just cut the top flap off of it. Then I traced the tea boxs back side on the lower box and cut out a hole with a serated knife so the the box would fit into the opening. Just keep going back and adjusting the hole size as needed. Please be careful and use caution while cutting the hole. For the drawer front panel I just used a piece of cardboard and cut it to my liking, covered it in contact paper, and glued it on. Just be sure it's a little bigger then the drawer so it does not get pushed inside when you close it. Then I just glued on a black bead for the handle. 

The red and gold portions I painted. To get a great finish I just stick glued computer paper over the sides that I knew I needed to paint. This makes it look less like cardboard.  I did not do this meticulously as I knew the contact paper would cover the edges of the paper. So the front and back of each box are what I chose to paint. Then I painted them red, let it dry, and dry brushed on gold. Then I modgepodged it all. Then after that I measured my contact paper to cover the portions I needed and put it on. 

Just repeat these steps for your smaller box and then hot glue the two boxes  together. Then I just added black ribbon to the lower portion of the smaller box to cover the glued on seam. And your done! 

My daughter is in love with it and has requested I make her a beautiful cake for her make up mirror ( she's 8 btw).  I love having the extra height so that my makeup mirror is at a comfortable level when I use it. So I don't have to bend, hunch, or hold up the mirror.

I am 5'7" and I find that my makeup stand is way too low for my liking, so this helps. I use the drawer to hold my extras and products that I don't use daily. Plus, this saved me a ton of cash.

I hope you all enjoy this tutorial and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Check back soon, I'll be posting another diy. 

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