Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DIY Face Primer

Here is my 1st DIY for this page. Its DIY Primer. For those of you who may not know Primer is a base you put on before the application of foundation. It helps to smooth and even the skin and also allows the foundation a base to grab hold of, thus keeping the foundation from moving. Which equals a longer nicer wear time.
Now onto the tutorial. As you can see I used some after sun cool lime lotion (walmart). You do not have to have this. You may use 1 tbsp Aloe Vera gel and 1 tbsp oil free lotion. Any lotion of your choice is fine. Since I used lotion with Aloe Vera in it I just used 2 tbsp of it. Then I added 2 drops of my Mitchell and Peach Mineral face oil (This was in my February bag from ipsy. yay!). You can add any kind you have or skip this step all together. Then I just added a few drops of my favorite foundation to add a bit of color. You may add as much as you like. I decided to only add a small amount as I will be using foundation after anyway. Add all ingredients together in small bowl and mix until uniform. Once done transfer to small air tight container. I purchased mine in a 5 pack from the dollar tree.
I used this for a few days before sharing to make sure it would work well. I have to say the results are amazing. I found it to work just as well as my store bought primer which was $20. It really makes my eye shadow pop and it helps it last. I will continue to make this. I hope you all find this tutorial fun and useful. Also let me know what you think and maybe I can share some more fun tutorials.


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