Friday, March 6, 2015

Get Rid Of Dry Skin Fast!

Hello Beauties! This winter has been so hectic on my skin. This is the first winter to do this and I have spent weeks figuring out the best way to handle my dry skin. I am not sure if its due to the crazy winter we are having this year or if its because I'm sneaking up on 30 (Yikes!). Whatever the reason, I have found my solution in a few easy to find, easy to afford options. Yay me! 

I also found that some things just did not work for me. I tried moisturizers. I mean, I was using facial moisturizer 3 times a day on my dry areas. While the areas would become softer and appear much better, the moment I applied my foundation it looked like I had skin colored scabs all over my face. Yuck! Moisturizer was just not getting it done. So I bought a facial exfoliating scrub. All this did was make my dry skin more noticeable. I mean the flakes just stood on end more. Total fail. 

Finally after days 2 weeks with no solution in sight I was able to find a solution that saved my face:

1. EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil):

I started to apply EVOO every night after my bath. I used this instead of my store bought moisturizers. I simply put it in a soap dispenser bottle (Dollar tree $1) and pump out 2 squirts on a cotton disposable face pad and applied it to my face. After this I do my facial massage and go about the rest of my evening. At first it can be a little heavy on the face however after my facial massage I find that it is absorbed really well. 

My skin is so much smoother, has less breakouts, and any discoloration from my acne scars are fading. I know it sounds insane that applying oil can make you have less breakouts, but trust me this works. Olive oil is absorbed into the pores and actually fights the bacteria in the pore, thus equaling fewer breakouts. WIN! 

Here's a special tidbit: I put 2 parts EVOO and 1 part Castor oil in my pump and use this nightly. Castor oil has tightening properties and will help strengthen the skin and decrease elasticity. 

2. Microfiber Facial Scrubber ($1 at the dollare tree):

You can get these little beauties in a 3 pack at the Dollar Tree. I use this only when I have a bunch of dry skin on my forehead and nose. I allow my face to steam in the shower/bath for around 5 minutes, then I apply soap on the textured side of the sponge. The one with the little holes and lines. I then apply it to my face and buff lightly all over, concentrating a bit longer on my flaky areas. I do this for about a minute. Just use your best judgement here. It should not hurt and your face should not be noticeably reddened after. Then I get out, dry off, dress, and apply my EVOO. 

I cannot say enough how much this has helped out my skin. I was seriously going days without makeup and moisturizing around the clock and I still had tons of dry skin on my forehead and nose. My skin glows now, its very soft, I have less breakouts, and I have ZERO dry skin patches. I hope you find these tips helpful and that your skin love it too. 

As a reminder I will be posting more DIY make up organizers soon! Be sure to check back and look for them :)

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