Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Trend This Spring: Flash Tattoos

Have you seen the new tattoo trend blazing through Hollywood lately? Our celebrity stars are shining in a fun new way. 

Many of our Hollywood starlets are donning gold and silver temporary tattoos. They are called Flash Tattoos. Its a trend that's catching on quickly. These tattoos are easily applied and can be worn anywhere on your body. 


I'm not 100% sure where this trend started but I do know that Beyonce was wearing these tattoos in August while on vacation. She wore them in Italy at the "Made in America" festival. Beyonce is often choosing to cover a lot of her body in these tattoos. 
Photo: Daily mail 


 Ariana Grande has opted to wear these tattoos more boldly then any other. On her face. She looks stunning with the silver tattoos framing her eyes. It gives me the feel of India, wild and exotic. 


Katie Holmes decided to rock her look in a place she could easily conceal later. I think its safe to guess that Katie was very excited about them. She looks like a kid in a candy store trying out this tattoo at New York Fashion Week. 


Now that we have the info all we have to do is try these babies out ourselves. If you wanna give them a try you can order some HERE.  But as I always go for saving some cash you can use these too, Shimmer Metallic Jewelry Tattoos HERE! These ones are on Amazon for $9.90 USD, I can tell you that I got my daughter a box for Christmas this past year and they work really well. It stayed on for 2 weeks, and I removed it when the gold started coming off.  There is also a wide selection in the box. They are just as beautiful as the ones the stars are wearing. 

So what do you think? Will you be wearing these this spring and summer?

Thanks for checking out this post. I truly appreciate everyone of you and look forward to making more posts for you to enjoy. 

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