Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Trend: Red Lipstick as Concealer

Yes, you read that correctly. Some of you may have seen the various youtube videos of people trying out red lipstick as concealer. I admit I was skeptical at first as well. However insane it may sound, it is proving to have incredible results. 

The best thing about this trick is that you do not have to buy any additional products. Most of us have some form of red lip stick at home. Also, when you do this you will use less concealer and that will save you money in the long run. Can you say winning?

Some of you may be thinking that this does not make sense. How can adding red rings around my eyes help hide my dark circles? The explanation for it begins at the color wheel. 

Photo: Smashing magazine

When looking at the color wheel you can see that red is located across from blue and green. Blue and green are the colors that compose our dark eye circles and bags. How the color wheel works is that any color located on the opposite side of a color will cancel the other out. This means that red when placed on top of green and blue will cancel them out and neutralize the colors. 

Photo: Makeup by Soni

As you can see from the image above Sonia Alvarado was able to do exactly that. Her face looks fresh and flawless after her application of red lipstick. 

The key is to find the correct shade for you. Not all of us will be able to use red to conceal are dark circles. People with dark skin tones should use red lipstick, where people with beige skin should try a reddish pink lip stick, and people with pale skin should use peachy pink lip stick. Play around with this a couple of times to discover which color will conceal your circles the best. 

Photo: thelipsticchronicles


1. Apply lip stick color to concealer brush or finger. 

2. Lightly dab and blend color all over darkened areas. Do not rub the lipstick into your skin. Also, a little goes a long way. Do not over load your eyes with the lipstick. You should not need to reapply lipstick to the brush. 

3. Using a beauty blender or makeup sponge, apply your concealer over the top of the lip stick. You should find that you use less concealer and that your dark circles have disappeared. 

4. Apply your foundation and the remainder of your makeup. 

For more visual appeal here is a video of Deepica Mutyala demonstrating how she applies her lipstick as concealer.

Now that I have shared this crazy tip with you, what are you waiting for? Go paint your eyes red and see what its all about. I hope you all found this useful if not only entertaining. 

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