Friday, March 20, 2015

Perfect Red Lips

Red lipstick is a classic staple in beauty. It draws attention and makes us all feel a little sexy. Sometimes though applying red lipstick can be tricky. Its very easy to smudge it and they you have to start all over. Here are a few tips to get your lips red quickly and with no mess ups.

1. Start with a primer. Primer will help your lipstick adhere well and will also give it a smooth finish.

2. Carefully apply lipstick making sure to keep inside your natural lip line.

3. Refine by carefully using a lip brush to blend the color.

4.  Apply a little liner around the outside rim of your lips to provide a more finished look

5. I like to cover my lips with a tissue and blot with powder to maintain my color for a longer amount of time.

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