Wednesday, March 11, 2015

$1 Makeup, Jewelry, and Accessories!

I am always looking for ways to save a few dollars. With the economy the way it is and having a child, every penny counts. Plus, we are saving up for our family vacation. With these in mind I have been keeping my eyes open for great money saving opportunity, and that's when I stumbled across this amazing site.

Shop Miss A offers us a way to get a few nice things without the shoppers guilt. The best thing about this site is that EVERYTHING is $1! I know what you are probably thinking, but its true. I was so skeptical about using this site that I watched videos and also read a lot of reviews before deciding to give it a try. What sealed the deal for me was finding out that the company is based here in the states. They are located in Texas. 

I went to the site and before I knew it I had $23 items in my cart. Makeup, hair accessories, makeup brushes, jewelry and more. Miss A has a flat rate shipping charge of $3.95 so I paid around $27 and got 23 items. I was so excited waiting on my package to get here. I believe it came in 6 days and I live on the upper east coast. 

I have to tell you all I was very surprised. I was able to get earring sets with 15 pair for $1. A lot of the jewelry comes in multiples per pack. Mainly the rings, earring, and bracelets. I got my daughter the cutest owl earring set, eye shadow, and accessories for her Easter basket this year. 

I got myself felt eyeliner pens, mascara, brushes, earrings, eye shadow, concealer, blush, and eyebrow setting kit, lip stick, and primer. One of my favorite things is that they have e.l.f. products. I love e.l.f. 

These are some Kleancolor eye shadows I got: I adore them. Just be sure to use your primer. 

Everything I got I would have paid more for some where else. The quality is very good, especially for the price. The only downside is that things go quickly, so I usually check the site a few times a month for new products. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the jewelry and I have it all put up. Just check out their site to get a peek. Thrust me it will be worth it. 

I am a huge dollar tree shopper and I have taken money out of that fund for this site. I cant find half of this stuff at the dollar tree. Now I just use the dollar tree for cleaning supplies. 

I have not been endorsed or paid to make any of these statements. I am just in love with this site. I hope you will too. Happy shopping!  


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