Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY for Younger Looking Hands.

Hey everyone! Today we are gonna tangle dry hands. One of my viewers reached out and asked me to see if I could find a remedy for helping make hands look younger. After some research I came up with this. I hope it helps.  Also, if there is anything specific you guys would like to see just leave a comment down below.  

What ages our hands?

Our hands are always exposed to the elements. Because of this they often give away our age before anything else. There are many reasons our hands age, the biggest is sun damage. Over exposure to sun light and chemicals (bleach, dish soap, cleaning sprays) , cause severe drying of the skin on our hands. This can also lead to dark spots, wrinkles, and prominent veins. 

The way to battle aging hands is to develop a good skin care regimen and stick to it. This will help maintain the hands fullness and thickness better over time. 

What age should I start?

The answer is now! It does not matter if you are 22 or 42. Our hands begin to look aged in our late 20's however most women do not notice visibly until they are in their 40's. Because of this many will not treat them until their 40's. 


By starting a regimen early you will be able to better prepare your hands to look younger longer. As you can see in the image above Madonnas hands give away her age, while facial plastic surgery has helped to maintain her youthful appearance. 

Madonna is not the only one to make this oversight. I, along with most women often do not pay attention to my hands until they are all ready dry. Then I coat up with moisturizer and forget them until the next time they bother me. 

Here is what you'll need:

1. Sunscreen
2. Retinol Cream
3. Moisturizer
4. Cotton gloves

1. Wear sunscreen:

Apply to your hands daily. The sun is responsible for more then 90% of the damage your skin will have, especially wrinkles. This is really important for when you are driving. Try to pick up a small bottle on sale to keep in your car. 


2. Exfoliate:

Use a hand scrub at least twice a week to exfoliate your hands. This will remove the dead layer of skin on top and make your skin glow. 


  • You can make your own hand scrub by combining sugar and lemon juice. I would stay away from salt as it is drying to the skin. 

3. Wear Gloves:

Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning. Over time the chemicals will do a number on your hands. Even when you are just washing the dishes.  Dish washing liquid is very hard on the skin and keeping your nails in water for prolonged amounts of time, will cause them to become brittle. 


4. Moisturize and Retinol:

This is the most important part. You need to use a heavy moisturizer on your hands nightly along with a retinol cream. Cover this with a pair of cotton gloves and go to sleep. Remove in the morning and rub any remaining lotion into your hands. 

Through out the day apply lotion after washing your hands. If they are really dried out, try using a bit of vitamin E oil.

And that's it. If you incorporate these steps into your daily routine your hands will age slower and look younger longer. Try to remember that your hands are just as important as your face.

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